CCI Phantom Undercocking Pump Kit

Jan 06, 2020

The CCI Phantom Undercocking Pump Kit makes pumping easier!

Looking to trick out your CCI Phantom pump marker? Want to make the pump stroke smoother? Then check out the CCI Phantom Undercocking Pump Kit. This simple upgrade can make all the difference!

The CCI Phantom undercocking Pump Kit easily bolts onto the front of your Phantom marker's gripframe. The pump now moves over a polished shaft instead of wrapped around the barrel, decreasing the surface area in contact with the pump for less friction. You can now cycle your Phantom smoother and stay on target easier. The mini pump handle also positions your hand down and lower for a more compact shooting stance. An instant enhancement for your Phantom pump gun!

CCI Phantom Undercocking Pump Kit features:
  • - Simple installation
  • - Decreases surface area for smoother pumpstroke
  • - Mini pump handle
  • - Compatible with openclass and stockclass Phantoms