Bob Long M-TAC Stage 2 Tactical Paintball Marker

Jan 06, 2020

When Bob Long decided to build a scenario marker he did it in his usual style... unique and revolutionary. The Bob Long M-Tac... as in Marq Tactical... is the first truly high end marker built for scenario. Designed around the proven Marq engine, the M-Tac delivers amazing performance both reliably and immaculate American made craftsmanship. The body and gripframe is machined from solid billet aluminum. More expensive, yes, but Bob would have it no other way. Possibly the best fit and finish you will ever see, from the full length top picatinny rail to the inset thumb selector switch.

The Bob Long M-Tac Stage 2 is the full assault version of the M-Tac line. It features a 14" M-Tac Milsim Barrel, full size barrel shroud, Delrin horizontal foregrip and lots of accessory rails.

  • Bob Long 14" M-Tac Milsim Barrel
  • Full size barrel shroud
  • Delrin horizontal foregrip
  • The T-Mac works off the Proficiency Engine just recently released for all Marq's.
  • Cocking lever to electronically charge the weapon system.
  • 3-Way Selector switch for semi, ramp and FA
  • Internalized high pressure routing to eliminate the need for fittings and macroline.
  • Bottle Asa built into the Grip.
  • Grip accepts traditional .45 panels
  • Upper receiver features full length Picatinny Rails.
  • Marq Series HP reg built into the cartridge magazine.
  • Easy accessible LPR adjuster.
  • 4C Eye capable
  • Offset feed
  • Upper and Lower all aluminum construction
  • Cocker thread barrel system
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