Bob Long G6R Gen 6 Intimidator Marker - Polished Blue

Jan 06, 2020

The Bob Long G6R Inimidator Paintball Marker blows the competition away!

Built to dominate tournament paintball, the Bob Long G6R Inimidator Paintball Marker pushes the legendary Intimidator design to new heights. Bob Long introduced several new design features with the G6R never before seen in any paintball marker. The sleek design is a pure killing killing machine!

The Bob Long Intimidator G6R is a stacked-tube, open bolt electropneumatic paintball marker. Realizing that many components are hard to reach and clean, the body is built in two pieces, coming apart vertically through the feedneck for easy maintenance. Continuing on the design success of the Bob Long Marq Victory, the G6R has no external hoses or air lines. All pressure is routed internally, eliminating macroline leaks and blowouts. The re-engineered low pressure poppet valve is amazingly efficient, getting up to 2800 shots per 68ci/ 4500psi HPA tank. That's almost a case and a half!

The operating pressure of the Bob Long G6R Intimidator is as low as 65psi. Combine that with the ultralight rammer and you have a marker with virtually no kick so you can stay on target while throwing streams of paint down the field The dual ball bearing raced trigger is fully adjustable to achieve insane rates of fire. All this comes in a package that weighs in under two pounds with loader or tank! The G6R was built for one thing: winning!

Bob Long G6R Intimidator - Polished Blue features:
  • - Electro-pneumatic, open bolt, stack tube poppet valve operation
  • - Autococker barrel threads
  • - Bob Long 14” One-piece Tournament .685 Bore Barrel
  • - Gen 6 Intimidator On-Off ASA
  • - Compressed air or nitrogen only!
  • - HPR Pressure: 160-180psi
  • - LPR Pressure: 65-75psi
  • - 2800+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
  • - Tadao Odoshi Board
  • - 4C Eye Compatible: Yes
  • - 4C Eye Equipped: No
  • - Rate of Fire: 26+BPS (4C eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
  • - Over molded dual durometer grips with waterseal
  • - Trigger Activation: Micro switch
  • - Trigger Return: Spring assist
  • - Trigger Adjustment: Travel and Activation Point
  • - Weight With Barrel: 1 lb. 13.7
  • - Weight Without Barrel: 1 lb. 8.9oz