Azodin Gun Package Kit - Blitz 4 - Master

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The Master Kit Includes

GoG eNMEy Marker
V-Force Mask - Profiler
Empire Loader - Halo Too w/ Rip Drive
Empire 48/3000 Aluminum Flat Bottom Tank
Core Flex Swab Squeegee

Azodin Gun - Blitz 4

12" Multiphase Honed Barrel Lightweight Body Screw-Lock Feedneck Mass Flow Valve Feather Striker Zero Circuit Board Adjustable Feather Regulator Braided Hose Compatible With CO2 And HPA

Weight: 970g / 2.14lbs / 34.22oz Length: 480mm / 18.9in Height: 238mm / 9.37in Width: 30mm / 1.18in Barrel Thread: Interchangeable With Autococker Threaded Barrels Feedneck Thread: Interchangeable With Ion/Impulse Threaded Feednecks Low Pressure Inline Regulator: Standard ASA Thread Bottom ASA: Interchangeable With Dovetail Mount