Azodin Gun - Blitz Evo 2

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Azodin is back at it again with another amazing price point gun with some standard features that will blow your socks off!

As we all know, Azodin has been a leading name in the beginner/intermediate paintball player realm because of their extreme durability, reliability and overall ease of use. Now, it has gotten even better!

Introducing the all new Azodin Evo2! This marker is almost unrecognizable in comparison to its predecessor, the Blitz Evo. Here is why…

The Azodin Evo2 will boast a brand new Zen Board with 6 adjustable firing modes instead of the previous 5. This will allow for even more customizing of your new favorite marker and ensure you are up to date with the latest tournament settings. The latest board along with the new compact zero system is sure to provide some of the best performance you have seen from Azodin.

At a glance you will notice some gorgeous new body milling that is some of the best and most unique on the market. There are great new lines and contours to this milling that will make your eyes pop! You will also see this milling flow the entire length of the all new 2 piece 14” barrel system that includes a .689 barrel back. The .689 bore, being the most commonly used, makes it a perfect choice for this stock barrel system.

Azodin is also introducing a slimmer regulator that now allows for a 250PSI operating pressure that will work flawlessly with any HPA system. Lastly, another slight change from past Evo’s is the revamped on/off ASA with a matching color fitting. This was already a great ASA to start so no internal changes were necessary but the visually pleasing colored fitting shows great attention to detail on the Evo2.

To sum it all up, the new Azodin Evo2 is a sure fire choice! You can’t go wrong with all these standard features with such a reasonable $249.95 price tag.