Virtue Vio Visor Fan Upgrade

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Increase ventilation with the VIO Visor Fan

While most visors can reduce ventilation, the Virtue Stealth Visor was designed to be coupled with this fan upgrade. With this potent combination, you can keep out the sun and the rain, without letting condensation ruin your visibility. This is especially important for players who wear prescription lenses.

This will take a VIO, or any other goggle that the Virtue Stealth Visor is compatible with, to the next level, and lead to a marked reduction in lens fogging.

With two AAA batteries installed, the fan weighs only 1.6 ounces, and is 5 times quieter than a whisper, thanks to its brushless motor. This innovation not only keeps the fan almost silent, but will also lead to a slower battery drain, which means longer games. The reliable fan is also designed to power down automatically when your motionless, to keep it from giving away your position, and will start moving again when you do.

This fan was designed for use with the Virtue Stealth Visor, and both are compatible with masks with vertical venting slats above the lens.