Virtue Softcycle Squishy Arm for Dye Rotor Loaders

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The Virtue Rotor Sofycycle Arm will greatly enhance the performance of your Dye rotor Loader!

The Virtue Rotor Softcycle puts a high-performing, dual material upgrade for your Dye Rotor loader. The Softcycle reduces paint breakage by placing a soft material on the leading edge of the loading blade to flex around even the brittlest of paintballs, directing them to the feed gate without overforcing. An improved anti-jam ram on the reverse side helps to gently lift paint upwards to clear blockages. All these functions perform effortlessly, letting you forget about your loader and concentrate on your opponents!


  • - Ultra Soft Elastomer Arm: Softcycle arm flexes around jammed balls and allows them to drop into place and unjam themselves before you notice it.
  • - Softer on Paint: Flexible elastomer regions are gentler on paint, reducing breakage in the hopper, especially with brittle paint.
  • - Improved Jam-Clearance Ramp: In the unlikely event of a jam, the Softcycle features an improved Jam-Clearance Ramp
  • - Smooth Cycling Action: A simple drop-in upgrade designed for reliable, smooth consistent operation
  • - Designed for Paint Only: The Virtue Softcycle is designed to improved performance with paint, Reballs not recommended.
    • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
    • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
    • - Easy to carry