Virtue OLED Board for Proto SLG

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The Virtue OLED Board for the Proto SLG is an instant high performance upgrade!

Fits the Proto SLG marker (does NOT fit the SLG UL marker) and includes the Virtue Guns 'n' style Grips with Window. Virtue OLED’s Drill and Training Mode Technology can drastically help to improve your game. All new DT Technology™ gives you training drills on a pro-level with visual confirmation and audio feedback through the OLED Display and speaker.

The OLED is an Organic Display Screen to help you adjust the way in which you use your paintball gun. Now you can easily make adjustments in the OLED menu.

The Maintenance Monitor™ tracks bolt cycles.

The Lube Monitor ™ will actually let you know when it is time to lubricate your gun.