Virtue Loader Board for the VLocity and VLocity Jr

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The Vlocity Virtue board is the best upgrade board money can buy for your loader. The Micro Board technology in the Vlocity Virtue board has a faster processor and gold plated prong plugs. This all speeds up the reaction time and feed rate of the loader.

The performance optimized Vlocity Virtue board maximizes the balance of battery life and performance. Thats why when you install your Vlocity Virtue board you will get consistent feeding and less jams without burning up your batteries.

Vlocity Virtue boards are USB upgradeable which means Virtue will be able to provide free upgrades at no cost to you. Just hook up your board into your CPU and upgrade on the spot with no hassle.

The Vlocity Virtue board is RF upgradeable. The Multi-sensor logic uses inputs from all sensors with wireless RF performance by simply plugging in two optional RF modules.

Upgrade the Engine of your Vlocity with reliable, performance maximizing Virtue technology.

Multi-Sensor Technology
Optimized for peak performance
MicroBoard Technology
Built-in USB port
RF Upgradeable
Speed Settings are easily adjustable
Low Battery Monitor
Lifetime Warranty

  • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
  • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
  • - Easy to carry