Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed - Dye Rotor

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Finally a speed feed with no drawbacks! The Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed has heavy duty polycarbonate spring fingers reload with ease, spring immediately back into position and keep every ball locked securely inside.

Reload with ease and and never lose paint. The Crown SF is based on the upgradeable finger Crown2 platform and features Spring Finger technology. The Crown SF is the pinnacle of speedfeed evolution. Instead of a rubber hinge, each Crown SF finger is attached to a feather light spring, allowing it to flex downward with the slightest touch and immediately spring back to the closed position. This allows a perfect feed, with no paint loss.

Fits the Dye Rotor Loader only.

Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed features:
  • - Replaces lid for fast and effortless reload
  • - Spring action fingers hold paint in
  • - Tough polycarbonate fingers outlast soft designs
  • - Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
    • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
    • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
    • - Easy to carry