Virtue Clock Chronograph

Was: $224.95
Now: $214.95
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Available Mid June

The Virtue Clock™ is the most advanced chronograph in the world, designed specifically for the sport of paintball.

Safety is THE first concern when playing paintball and a good chronograph to measure your paintball marker's velocity is essential. The Virtue Clock paintball chronograph is a major technology breakthrough, putting performance and instant data in the palm of your hand.

With a solid glass-filled nylon construction to survive rough use, ergonomic design and intuitive operation, the Virtue Clock is the ultimate chronograph in paintball. The Clock is designed from the perspective of a player, tournament or field operator; to make administering games more smoothly and allow players to maximize the performance of their equipment. Before you had to choose between size, ease of use or performance. The Clock gives you all, instantly capturing and analyzing data from a string of shots so you can monitor your and all other markers on the field.

Virtue didn't stop at just the internal technology; the Virtue Clock has a host of external innovations as well. A Kensington laptop lock slot lets you attach a locking device so thieves don't walk away with your invest (lock not included). A threaded tripod mount lets you mount the Clock onto any standard camera mount for hands free operation. A small picatinny rail forward of the trigger guard lets you mount future accessories from Virtue or standard tactical items such as a flashlight for reffing night games.

Virtue Clock Chronograph features:

  • - Record Multiple Shots for Peak FPS & BPS
  • - Scrollable FPS & BPS History
  • - Velocity Consistency +/- and Average FPS
  • - Game & Break Timers
  • - Large OLED Multi-Display
  • - Easy Virtue Trigger Programming
  • - Tool-less AA Battery Door (4AAs)
  • - Internal Allen Key holder (2 keys, not included)
  • - Accessory Rail mount
  • - Kensington Lock Slot
  • - Tripod Mount Screw
  • - Lanyard/Sling Mount
  • - Heavy Duty Glass Filled Nylon Construction
  • - RF Upgradeable