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The Valken V-Max Paintball Hopper is simplicity defined!

The Valken V-Max Paintball Loader breaks new ground in hopper design. The V-Max loader was designed for hard use by all levels of paintball players. This electronic paintball loader utilizes fewer parts than most loaders on the market, creating less 'weak links' to break or fail. The V-Max disassembles in seconds without tools, making cleaning and maintenance quick and painless whether you're between points in an X-Ball match or missions in a scenario game.

The Valken V-Max Paintball Loader reliably feeds over 30 balls per second, letting you concentrate on putting paint downrange. Its 220 ball capacity shell is molded from resilient shatter-resistant material for amazing durability. The V-Max hopper is powered by two 9vt batteries with an external access door, letting you change batteries without tools or disassembly. The V-Max utilizes a bend sensor in the feedneck to activate the motor so there are no optical eyes to get dirty or misaligned.

Valken V-Max Paintball Hopper features:
  • - Speed: 30+ balls per second
  • - Capacity: 220 ball capacity
  • - Ultra Lightweight
  • - Simple & Refined Design: The design of the VMax Loader has been refined to function simply and reliably, without the need for the complex components found on many modern loaders. Fewer parts. Fewer problems.
  • - Crazy Fast Tool-less Disassembly: Disassembles and reassembles in seconds, so you can spend more time playing and less time cleaning at the end of the day.
  • - Quick-change lid: The standard friction lid lets you quickly reload, and is transparent to let you monitor how many paintballs you have left. Easily switch to a speed-feed in seconds, no tools needed.
  • - Fast battery replacement: The battery door is located on the outside of the loader, allowing for fast & easy battery replacement, without the need for disassembly.
  • - One-Touch On/Off: A one-touch On/Off button and LED display make using your VMax Hopper a breeze

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  • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
  • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
  • - Easy to carry