Valken Gun w/ 13/3000 Tank - Cobra .50 Cal

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Valken Cobra .50 Cal Guns w/ 13/3000 Air Tank

.50 caliber True Mechanical Pneumatic Design: No hammer, no sear, no metal-on-metal wear points. No Batteries Required. Grab and go! Regulated Low Pressure Operation: Stable 160 psi gas pressure for consistent operation with little to no recoil. CO2 Compatible: A relief valve protects the valve components from pressure spikes from with liquid CO2. Spool Valve Design: Tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy. Simple Maintenance: With the Bolt Out Back system the valve and bolt can be removed, cleaned, inspected and reassembled in seconds. Low-Force Anti-Chop: The low force behind the eNMEy’s bolt allows it to bounce back from mis-fed paint, reducing the chance of a chop in the breech. Composite/Aluminum Components: The machined aluminum receiver and protective polymer shell combine to make the eNMEy is both lightweight and durable. Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser: GOG wants you to be confident in your purchase. Some restrictions and exclusions apply. See warranty for details. Electropneumatic Upgrade Path: Not to be confused with “sear tripper” electronic grip frames for hammer-and-spring paintball markers, the optional eNMEy electronic trigger upgrade provides true electropneumatic operation for increased rates of fire, more firing modes and an even lighter trigger pull.