Tippmann Sniper Upgrade Kit - X7/X7 Phenom

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Turn your Tippmann X7 or Phenom into a paintball sniper weapon!

Already have a Tippmann X7 or Phenom marker? Build a scenario sniper gun with an X7/ Phenom Sniper Upgrade Kit. Here are all the pieces you need to transform your current marker into our popular Sniper marker package and save some money at the same time. A 20" tactical barrel will deliver ultimate accuracy and looks mean with its flash hider milling. Its added length lets you slip the muzzle through brush and branches to take those hidden sneaky shots. The red dot sight makes for precise target acquisition. A collapsible stock rounds out the kit. This versatile stock features a collapsible length for a perfect fit adjustment and easy stowage after the battle!

Tippmann X7/ Phenom Sniper Marker Upgrade Kit contains:
  • - 20" aluminum sniper barrel
  • - Collapsible stock
  • - Red dot sight