Tippmann Loader - SSL-2000 - Black (T299011)

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Low cost high performance with a Tippmann SSL-200 Electronic Paintball Loader!

The lightweight Tippmann SSL-200 Electronic Paintball Loader with 200 round capacity features Bend Sensor Technology that delivers up to 15 BPS. The Bend Sensor only operates when the marker is fired to improve efficiency and prolong battery life of this Tippmann electronic hopper.

Bend Sensor Technology benefits:
  • - Better efficiency for increased feed rate
  • - Motor only runs when gun is fired for prolonged battery life
  • - Recognizes any color ball
    Tippmann SSL-200 Electronic Paintball Loader features:
    • - 200 ball capacity
    • - Electronically controlled agitator prevents jamming
    • - LED on/off/low battery indicator
    • - Spring loaded lid
    • - Adjustable O-ring neck to fit most markers
    • - Low profile design
    • - Quiet operation
    • - Snap fit wide mouth lid.
    • - Uses single 9v battery (not included)