Tippmann Gun Package Kit - X7 Phenom Electronic - Legendary

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This Kit Includes
Tippmann X7 Phenom Electronic
Empire Mask - Helix Single
Empire Compressed Air Tank - Aluminum Flat Bottom - 48/3000
Warrior Harness - 4+1 Horizontal
HK Army HSTL Pods - 150 Round
Core Basic 200 Round Loader
Core Pull Through Squeegee


The X7 Phenom Electronic is an extremely versatile paintball gun!

Tippmann took the most customizable paintball marker of all time to the next level. The electronic X7 Phenom brings all the strength of the modular X7 platform into a more compact, efficient, and versatile design. This gun is nearly 3 inches shorter than its predecessor, yet still accepts more than 20 of the X7’s existing mods and upgrades. The fore grip and magazine can be swapped out to provide a custom look that is unique to your marker. A redesigned cyclone feed is integrated directly into the marker and feeds up to 15 balls per second, so there’s never the need to purchase a separate hopper or replace batteries. The offset, low-profile hopper also provides a clear line of sight, and allows for mounting a scope or other accessories on the included rail systems.

The FlexValve provides increased efficiency and its Spool Valve design significantly reduces kick, resulting in improved performance and better accuracy. This means less time off the field, and more time playing. The FlexValve operates below 300 PSI for improved air efficiency allowing you to get over 1,400 shots from a 68 cubic inch 4500 psi tank. With both manual and electronic firing modes, players can adjust on the fly to whatever situation the field may throw at them be it sniping from the brush or raining paint on the advancing hordes.

This electronic version of the X7 is one of the most versatile woodsball markers available. Backed by Tippmann’s 20 year reputation for quality and reliability, this marker matches rugged good looks with performance and function. It uses FlexValve Technology which offers a potent combination of improved air efficiency, superior accuracy, manual or electronic mode firing, and the flexibility of CO2 or compressed air usage.

As an added benefit, the Phenom’s searless design incorporates fewer wear parts, making maintenance easier than ever. Players have never been offered such a complete package – the performance of a tournament marker…the flexibility of a mechanical marker…the durability of a Tippmann…and the ability to customize their marker with thousands of different looks. The X7 Phenom Electronic truly is in a class of its own.


  • - Made in the USA
  • - Low recoil blow forward design
  • - Semi auto operation, electronic mode operation... if your battery dies on the field you can keep playing!
  • - Greater gas efficency than A5, X7 or 98 Custom
  • - Over 1400 shots per 68 ci 4500 psi HPA tank
  • - Accepts X7 stocks, foregrips and sightrails
  • - Compact and lightweight aluminum body
  • - Pushpin construction for easy field stripping
  • - All-metal trigger for enhanced stability
  • - Three position selector switch
  • - 5 programmable firing modes
  • - Magnetically activated hall effect electronics
  • - Quick release magazine with built-in tool storage
  • - Gas through grip eliminates need for hoses to blow or snag, giving a more streamlined look and feel
  • - Redesigned Cyclone Feed System paddles feed up to 20 balls-per-second without batteries
  • - Piccatinny top rail to easily add new sights or handles
  • - Air-thru stock compatible
  • - Removable front and rear sights
  • - Low profile, offset hopper for clear line of sight
  • - Modular foreward handguard with two rails to add sights, lasers, bipods or other accessories
  • - Internal regulator with new external velocity adjustment (tool required)
  • - 9.5” high performance, stone-honed barrel
  • - Includes maintenance pack, barrel blocking device, and marker lubricant
  • - Two year marker warranty