Tippmann Gun Package Kit - US Army Project Salvo - Epic

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The US Army Project Salvo is an extremely versatile tactical paintball gun!

Tippmann and US Army Paintball continue to raise the bar on quality, performance, and realism with the introduction of the US ARMY Project Salvo. Built to simulate the AR15, the Tippmann Project Salvo combines the internals of the Tippmann 98-Custom with a fully customizable and realistic external frame. The rugged design of the Tippmann Project Salvo commands dominance of the field, and looks like it can chew you up, spit you out, and then do it all over again.

The front shroud includes 4 picatinny rails and a built-in sling mount for easy attachment of a seemingly endless combination of foregrips, sights, tactical flashlights, bipods, and other accessories. The six position folding stock provides a solid firing platform, while collapsing easily for tight close quarters combat. The removable magazine doubles as a toolkit for easy storage and quick maintenance both on and off the field. With optional Egrip and Cyclone Feed upgrades, the Tippmann Project Salvo provides a stable platform you can use to build and grow.

  • Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit Includes:
  • 20 oz Co2 Tank
  • Warrior Harness - 4+1 - Black
  • 4 - Dye Alpha 150rnd Paintball Pods - Smoke
  • Standard 200 Round Loader
  • Empire X-Ray Single Lens Paintball Goggle - Black
  • Pull Through Squeegee
  • Paintball Wristband

  • ~ Officially licensed product of the US Army
  • ~ All aluminum die cast receiver
  • ~ 11" Quick Thread barrel (98 threads)
  • ~ AR style barrel shroud with four picatinny rails
  • ~ Picatinny flattop rail
  • ~ AR style collapsibe and folding stock
  • ~ Stainless steel gas line
  • ~ Proven high performance in-line bolt system
  • ~ Compatible with 98 Custom Response Trigger and 98 Custom Flatline Barrel
  • ~ Compatible with Alpha Black E-grip and Cyclone Feed System
  • ~ AR style mock magazine with storage compartment
  • ~ Removable and adjustable front and rear sights
  • ~ Front sling mount
  • ~ Sub 3 pound trigger pull
  • ~ Maintenance pack includes allen wrench set, spare tank o-ring, lubricant, cleaning cable and approved barrel sleeve