Tippmann Gun Package Kit - Cronus Basic - Mega Set

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Start playing paintball with the Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker MEGA Set! This paintball starter set comes loaded with everything you will need to play the game. First, you get a Tippmann Cronus paintbll gun, a reliable and rugged marker. The 20oz CO2 tank will provide power for up to 1000 shots per fill. An approved single lens paintball goggle meets all safety requirements. A 200 round hopper feeds your ammo to the marker and you get a 6+1 harness and six 140 round pods to carry your reloads onto the field. A pull through squeegee and folding swab enables you to clean your barrel in case of a paintball break. Last but not least, you get a bottle of Core SuperSlick marker oil and FogOff goggle cleaner/ antifog to keep everything running smooth and clean!

The Tippmann Cronus Semi Automatic Paintball Gun MEGA Set delivers all that at an unheard of low price!

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun MEGA set includes:

  • - Tippmann Cronus Semi Automatic Paintball Gun
  • - Single Lens paintball mask
  • - 200 round Hopper
  • - 20oz Co2 Tank
  • - 6+1 Paintball Harness
  • - Core Folding Swab
  • - Pull through squeegee
  • - Six 140 round paintball pods
  • - Fog Off goggle lens cleaner
  • - Super Slick gun Oil
  • Tippmann Cronus Basic Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun.

    The new Tippmann Cronus Basic combines high performance with incredible durability in a milsim body. The Cronus features our reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips. This marker is easily modified & features four picatinny rails to mount an assortment of accessories.

    • Black and Tan Color Scheme
    • Proven, in-line bolt design
    • Internal gas line
    • High-impact composite body
    • Multiple Picatinny rails
    • High-performance ported barrel
    • Vertical Grip
    • Front and Rear fixed sights
    • Optional Mod Kit available including mock silencer, stock, carry handle With Cronus Tactical Upgrade option.