Tippmann Gun - Gryphon - Skull

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

The Gryphon Paintball Marker by Tippmann is a great beginner paintball marker!

The Gryphon Semi Automatic Paintball Marker is made by Tippmann, one of the oldest and most trusted names in paintball history. The Gryphon was designed with the beginner paintball player in mind. Not made like other cheap paintball guns, the Gryphon is built for both ease of use and rugged durability.

The Gryphon Paintball Marker uses the proven Tippmann inline operating system to deliver reliable performance with minimum maintenance. The center feed design makes it usable for both left and right handed players. The composite body is both tough but light, making it ideal for younger players.

The Gryphon Paintball Marker by Tippmann will get you out playing paintball without throwing down a lot of money!

  • Internal gasline for a clean look and no hoses to snag
  • Inline bolt system that is reliable and proven to perform
  • Center feed design to maximize mobility right or left
  • High impact composite body that is built to last
  • Blade trigger designed for a smoother trigger pull
  • High performance ported barrel designed to reduce sound and improve accuracy
  • Ergonomic body frame and loader position to provide a more balanced feel to the marker