TechT Trigger - Fang - Tippmann 98 Custom & Custom Pro

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The TechT Fang Trigger is the highest quality billet aluminum trigger available for Tippmann 98's, 98 Customs, and 98 Custom Pro E's. The trigger has been designed to work on all models of Tippmann 98's from the old to the new.

The Fang triggers are three point adjustable, and allow for the shortest trigger pull possible. No other Tippmann 98 trigger offers this level of control or adjustability. You will be able to fine tune your mechanical and electronic trigger pull to be shorter than you ever thought possible. Set screws are included with each trigger to allow for setting up the perfect trigger pull.


  • 3 Point Adjustable for pre-travel, post-travel and micro switch activations
  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Utilizes stock spring and sear clip
  • Comfortable trigger shape

    Double trigger guard not included.