TechT Gun Lubricant - Sav Grease

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Lubrication is the life giving blood to any paintball marker. No matter if you shoot, your marker REQUIRES lubrication.

Since 2006, TechT has been testing various recipes and mixtures looking for paintballs' "perfect lubricant".

For paintball applications TechT determined that the other "paintball greases" were just too thick. It's the thickness of any grease that causes what they call "stiction". This is were the thickness/tackiness of the grease actually holds the part in one place. This tackiness slows down your marker and makes for less consistency and efficiency.

TechT's goal was to produce a SUPER SLICK grease, that a wasn't too thick, but wasn't too thin either. Gun Sav is that perfect balance.

Gun Sav is specially blended for minimal "stiction", and maximum part movement. Gun Sav adheres to the part, and stays were you put it.

There's no need to glob this grease on, a little bit goes a long way.