SP Gun - Shocker XLS w/ Accents

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SP paintball entered the market a few years ago with the Shocker RSX and knocked it out of the park. The gun was lightweight, ergonomic, smooth and fast and came in a price point under $1,000! Fast forward to today and SP brings you the brand new Shocker XLS paintball marker. The Shocker XLS takes the Shocker RSX platform and refines it based on player requests and suggestions. The Shocker XLS competes with the most high end tournament markers at a much more affordable price.

Some features included on the SP Shocker XLS consist of a 14" Freak XL Barrel that comes standard with an All American spiral barrel tip, freak XL back in autococker threads, and a .687 Freak XL barrel insert. If you want another bore size then simply purchase additional Freak XL inserts instead of replacing your entire barrel system!

Ergonomics have been updated as well by redesigned the grip frame. The trigger guard is larger and more comfortable and the regulator has been pushed forward for additional comfort and stability. A rubber regulator grip cover is standard which provides maximum non-slip contact for additional support.

The Shocker XLS paintball gun has had some changes under the hood as well. An increase to the volume chamber reduces operating pressure and creates a smoother shot, especially at high rates of speed. The regulator has been upgraded as well to provide instantaneous recharge rates to provide the most consistent shot at high rates of fire.

Other changes to the original Shocker RSX that can be found on the Shocker XLS can be seen in the overall quality and finish of the gun. Hardware has been updated to be stronger and easier to use for longevity and ease of maintenance. The feed neck lever lock now contains a thumb wheel so tightening can be done by hand instead of requiring a tool. The OLED screen is now tighter and improved to help with debris and water seeping into the grip frame.

Color matched freak XL with All American ported barrel tip, .687 insert, and quick threaded autococker threaded back. XLS Optimized Performance - Increased internal volume reduces overall operating pressure to 145psi. Flow optimized regulator internals offer faster recharge and easier maintenance. XLS Refined Ergonomics - The extended platform offers improved ergonomics, increasing the overall length and spacing of the grip frame and regulator. Factory fit regulator grip included as standard. XLS Trigger System Refinements - Reshaped trigger guard offers greater comfort and space. Simplified trigger mounting maintains trigger feel, and makes maintenance easier. XLS Air Source Adapter Redesign - Redesigned with player feedback, the new XLS air source adapter has a recessed knob for greater grip and deeper grooves for easier manipulation. XLS Upgraded Hardware - Feed tube thumb wheel included as standard. Larger hardware in frequent use areas increases hardware life. Sealed Power - Improvements made to the OLED screen cover increase water/debris resistance.