Sly Mask - Annex MI-5

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Available Early September

The SLY Annex MI-5 is a single-pane paintball mask from Valken's vaunted MI series. The MI-5 has improved features over its predecessor, the MI-3, like dual-layer SBR comfort foam, which is still easy to clean, but also provides superior comfort, sweat-wicking, and impact-absorption. And double-layered foam in the ear and frame provide enhanced protection.

The MI-5 continues the MI tradition of using lenses constructed of scratch and fog-resisting polycarbonate, and utilizing Valken's dual anti-fog & hardcoat treatment to give you unparalleled visibility in any conditions. It also offers 260 degrees of horizontal and 160 degrees of vertical visibility, meaning you can see more of the field, including your own feet- no more putting your foot in potholes or puddles.

The MI-5 features Valken's patented lens-release QuickChange system, and a sculpted visor optimized to keep the sun out of your eyes and paintballs skipping off your mask. The integrated strap is a key component of the lens retention and release system, and is constructed from extremely durable materials. The MI-5 is not the newest mask in the MI series- that distinction would go to the MI-7 and MI-9- but for the price it's a tough mask to beat, and makes for a great rental or loaner goggle.

  • Features QuickChange lens-release/retention, for cleaning a lucky hit off your lens, or for switching in a replacement lens if damaged.
  • The integrated ultra-durable strap holds the lens in place, and enables quick lens changes
  • Two layers of SBR foam absorb impacts, and complement the open-cell foam exterior that makes the mask more comfortable, but also wicks away sweat.
  • Double-layer foam also cushions your ears and the frame, providing a blend of protection and a great fit.
  • Provides 160 degrees of visibility vertically, and 260 degrees horizontally. You'll spot that low-hanging branch, and the opposing player squatting near that bunker.
  • Constructed from fog and scratch resistant polycarbonate, to keep you in the game longer.
  • An anti-fog/hardcoat lens treatment makes the lens even tougher, and less likely to mist up.
  • Plenty of venting to allow for breathing and communicating with your teammates.
  • A visor sculpted for optimal deflection of paintballs, and to give you enough shade to make your shots when it counts.
  • Injected high density polethelene, for durability.
  • Fully certified by CY and ASTM.