Save Phace Mask - Phantom Series

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The Save Phace Diss Series Phantom Paintball Mask is all black like a ninja!

The Save Phace Diss Series Paintball Mask - Phantom bring a new level of aggressive looks and style to paintball! The tough graphic wrap stands up to the rigors and abuse of hard use, making you stand out on the field. The Diss Series feature a single pane antifog cured lens and non-replaceable open cell goggle foam so you can have a great looking paintball goggle without spending a fortune.

  • - All black for stealthy ninja action!
  • - Single Pane Lens
  • - Protective clear coat
  • - Tough, durable plastic
  • - Interchangeable polycarbonate lens with military grade AF+AS+UV coatings
  • - Standard Open Cell foam
  • - Adjustable strap with Sure Grip Technology
  • - 30 day limited manufacturer's warranty