RAP4 Harness - 3 Pod Leg Pouch - Woodland

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Keep your pods where you can always reach them! Military and police specialist teams wear leg pouches so they can always reach them when they need to reload quickly. RAP4 brings them to the paintball world with the RAP4 Tactical Paintball Leg Pod Woodland Pouch. Burly nylon construction to handle crashing through brambles and heavy duty velcro fastener to keep your pods retained. Rubber tracked leg straps prevent slippage to keep the sizing fastened and the pouch snug to your thigh. Belt strap for securing to your waist belt or harness with a quick release buckle for speedy suiting up or stripping off. Looks mean and keeps the paint flying downrange!


  • Woodland
  • Heavy duty nylon construction
  • Belt strap with quick release buckle
  • Velcro pod flaps
  • Rubber tracked leg straps to retain sizing and keep secure to leg