Proto Gun - Reflex - Black/Graphite

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The Proto 2012 Reflex Rail Paintball Marker puts game winning advantage in your hands!

The Proto 2012 Reflex Rail Paintball Marker was designed with the goal of putting years of tournament-winning technology into an affordable marker. Whether you are giving your all at the local field or laying it on the line at a national tournament, the Reflex Rail is built to perform at all levels.

Proto's Boost™ Forward Technology gives a cushioned push on the paintball with delayed bolt speed for increased air efficiency and high rate of fire. The internal design of the Eye Pipe houses multiple critical systems that ensure worry-free performance. The polycarbonate pipe shields the self-cleaning anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint ensuring the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop. The seamless pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle. The Eye Pipe system eliminates misfeeds and double feeding while eliminating external eye plates and the potential of stripped or corroded plate mounting screws.

The Hyper3™ in-line regulator is sleek, small, consistent and offers precise increments of air pressure adjustment. The shim stack is more responsive and reacts quicker to pressure changes, allowing better flow and a faster response. The size has been dramatically reduced allowing Proto to incorporate soft rubber for a sure grip. In addition, the Hyper3™ air input swivel ring allows it to work with all bottom line configurations. Feeding the Hyper3 is the UL Airport ASA with its dramatic curves and aggressive look. The UL Airport is a balanced cam lever system with an easy turn on/off toggle. With the knob ii the locked on position air is delivered to the marker through the linear front port for maximum comfort and a streamlined design.

The Proto UL Frame is the culmination of top pro player influence and progressive engineering. The hour-glass UL Frame was ergonomically designed to give the player complete control of the marker while still allowing to quickly and effortlessly pull the trigger. An integrated heads up display LED light alerts you to the status of your marker without taking your eyes off the game. The Reach Trigger comes standard, featuring multiple points of adjustment for trigger pull weight, length, over travel and angle. The Lockdown adjustable cam lock lever feedneck allows you to secure your Dye Rotor or other loader onto your gun without tools. The Proto 2012 Reflex Rail Paintball Marker's feed neck sits low and tight on the marker making sure your loader stays low profile with the rest of your gear.

Color Coded o-rings make it easy to quickly identify the correct replacement o-ring when performing maintenance on your Proto 2012 Reflex Rail Paintball Marker. The fast and easy bolt out the back design means you only need one allen wrench to perform the majority of maintenance. The Reflex Rail is as easy to take care of as it is to shoot fast!

  • - Patented spool valve design
  • - Aluminum body
  • - 3D milling and Proto jewels
  • - Anti-chop break beam eye system
  • - Self cleaning Eye Pipe technology with integrated ball detents
  • - 2 piece 14" barrel
  • - UL frame
  • - Macroline hose and fittings
  • - Adjustable Reach Trigger
  • - Zippered gun case
  • - Spare parts kit and Dye Slick Lube
  • - 9vt battery included
  • - Designed for Compressed Air (HPA) use only