Planet Eclipse Gun w/ Free Grips - Geo CS2

$1,499.95 - $1,699.95
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The Planet Eclipse CS2 features a Bespoke Custom milled body and new frame with reduced profile and increased angle for weight savings and a more ergonomically fitted grip. The additional milling and slimmer profile help to achieve a weight savings of 119g from a CS1 or 24g from a CS1.5.

At the core of the Eclipse CS2 paintball gun is the GP Core Drivetrain. The GP Core Drivetrain has been developed to deliver the smoothest shot you can get in a paintball gun while being highly efficient. With an operating pressure of just 105-110 psi, the Geo CS2 gun can shoot at high rates of fire without ever seeing the barrel rise. The goal was to make it easier for players to stay on their target while laying down a stream of paint and Planet Eclipse certainly achieved this with the CS2.

Maintenance is now quick and easy. The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 features a tool-less bolt removal, tool-less grip removal and tool-less battery removal. Disassembling the frame from the body is no longer scary or time consuming. The frame wires are 100% contained in the frame and do not cross over to the body! Spend less time on cleaning your marker and more time actually shooting it!

As with previous generations, the Geo CS2 paintball gun features a hose-less design by placing the SL5 Inline regulator into the grip frame. A more comfortable slimmer grip frame, a new front grip and no hoses to get in the way contribute to making the Geo CS2 very easy to maneuver and switch hands on the fly while you're battling opponents on the field.