PepperBall® VKS Launcher - Home Defense Rifle

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
With the Dual Feed System, an officer can quickly switch between “Hopper Mode” and “Magazine Mode” during an operation for optimum versatility.
Product Features:
  • Same look, feel and fire control system as an AR-15/M-4 carbine
  • Solid reinforced construction
  • Compatible with both standard round projectiles and VXR™ projectiles. Round projectiles compatible with Gravity and EL-2 Hoppers
  • Dual air source. HPA butt-stock 13ci tank or remote airline to tank of choice
  • Hopper capacity of 180 rounds
  • Magazine capacity of either 10 or 15 rounds
  • Can quickly switch between “Hopper Mode” and “Magazine Mode” during operation for optimum versatility.