PBRack Harness - Jet Pack

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The PBRack Jet Pack harness is built for winning!

The PBRack Jet Pack Paintball Harness was built by hardcore tournament players so they could have one pack that does it all. The Jet Pack can hold a few or a lot of pods so you don't need to switch harnesses going from front to back player.

This pack has four dedicated pod slots with elastic ejectors for smooth removal. The retaining straps feature powerful magnets for a solid hold and pull tabs for sure grip. Five elastic pod loops allow you to carry 5 pods and the compression band allows an additional 7 for a total of 16 pods. We challenge you to shoot all the paint that this pack will let you carry in one game.

The exterior elastic band compresses the Jet Pack as pods are drawn, reduces your target profile and increasing bounce as you play. The back of the pack is constructed with airmesh covered padding to cradle and support your lower back for amazing comfort. The dual wide strap waist belt keeps the PBRack pack snug to your torso so it stays in place as you run and dive. Barrel swab loops and a secure ID pocket keeps these necessary items safely at hand. The PBRack Jet Pack is truly built for keeping you and the paint flowing!

PBRack Jet Pack Harness features:
  • - 4+5+7 capacity
  • - Magnetic held straps with pull tabs
  • - Pod ejection for easy withdrawal
  • - Compression design contracts pack for lower target profile
  • - Durable nylon with heavy duty stitching
  • - Contoured padding for your lower back
  • - Convenient ID pocket