Dye Paintball Pants

Performance Paintball Pants for Speedball or Woodsball from Dye

Perform like a pro wearing Dye paintball pants. Dye has mastered creating the perfect gear to help players perform better on the field. Dye paintball pants prove to be just one of the many items that has been masterly crafted for all paintballer types.

For the woodsballers check out the 2.0 Tactical pants. These pants are designed for woodsball combat, with military-style knee pads and a durable poly blend material to stand up to the rigors of any environment you find yourself in! Dye's C13 paintball pants are great for speedball with Dye's Prevent™ Breathable Assembly method maximizes airflow throughout your entire playing gear, keeping air circulating to keep you cool and has an old school fit of their traditional Core series pants. Play and look like a pro with the Ultralite series of Dye paintball pants. These pants are designed with an active performance fit that makes you smaller and helps you to get to your bunker quicker.

Dye paintball pant are some of the best top performing pants that will keep you safe on the field. Purchase some Dye paintball pants today and perform even better on the field.