Kingman Gun Package Kit - Spyder MR6 - Epic

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If you are looking for affordable milsim paintball technology then look no further than the Spyder MR6 paintball gun. Now you can utilize the patented dual loading system where your hopper is feeding regular 68 caliber paintballs and the magazine feeds Tiberius First Strike rounds. With the flip of a switch, your Spyder MR6 can go from dumping paint to a tactical sniper.

The MR6 come stock with a 9 round magazine and the top hopper works with all paintball hoppers on the market. Superior firepower and performance are lead traits on the MR6 series paintball guns. Not only does the gun quickly switch between two firing modes, it also comes stock with a 14" muggle break barrel for ultimate sniper accuracy. The muzzle break of the stock Spyder MR6 barrel disperses extra gas when the ball is leaving the end of the barrel which gill give you unprecedented accuracy.

To Stabilize the gun, an AR style collapsible stock will give you great control over the marker and allow you to hold it against your shoulder minimizing the kickback upon firing. The Spyder MR6 paintball gun is great for any beginner, intermediate or advanced paintball player looking to take over the rec or woodsball field as a heavy gunner or plain old sniper.

Here is a quick review of the Spyder MR6 paintball gun.

This is basically the next version of the MR5. The MR6 has very similar looks with some additional features included including a rotatable barrel which allows you to shoot bot 68cal and first strike very easily. When you open it up your going to get the gun, two magazines (one in the gun and one spare mag), barrel plug which most fields dont allow, manual, collapsible stock, parts kit which includes allen keys, spare parts and o-rings, and a tactical sight rail.

The Spyder MR6 also comes stock with the Eco Valve assembly which means off of a 20 ounce CO2 tank, you are going to get roughly 1600 shots. You can equate that similarly to a Carbon Fiber 68/4500 compressed air tank.

How the barrel works is it slides in and out. The barrel rotates and has a hole in the side that is either going to lineup with the magazine feeding into it or the hopper feeding it. A quick quarter turn switches the gun over from magazine fed to hopper fed. There are stops on the barrel so you can quickly and easily make sure the barrel is correctly lined up. On top of that, there is an M and L engraved on the barrel so you know if you are adjusting to Magazine or Loader. When you go to put the barrel back in, just line up the release arrow line and choose your feeder.

  • Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit Includes:
  • 20 oz Co2 Tank
  • Warrior Harness - 4+1 - Black
  • 4 - Dye Alpha 150rnd Paintball Pods - Smoke
  • Standard 200 Round Loader
  • Empire X-Ray Single Lens Paintball Goggle - Black
  • Pull Through Squeegee
  • Paintball Wristband