GXG Vest - Deluxe Tactical

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The Gen X Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vest is our #1 selling vest!

Need to carry a lot of gear? Something to carry everything you need for those games when you're in the field for hours on end? The Gen X Deluxe Tactical Vest is constructed of heavy duty denier and 1/2" foam interior to cushion the weight of your gear and serve double-duty as chest/ back armor. Velcro adjustments at the shoulders and waist to ensure a snug proper fit. Holds up to 6 pods and tank, secured by velcro so you can customize their positions to your needs. Other features include multiple pockets, pull-down ID/ map flap, detachable cel phone or radio pouch, accessory rings... the list goes on and on! A must have for your next scenario or big game.

Gen X Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vest features:
  • - Three large pockets and three smaller pockets
  • - Holds up to six pods
  • - Tank pouch with quick-release securing strap
  • - Adjustable for length and width
  • - Belt loops for securing to belt
  • - Detachable cel phone/ radio pouch
  • - Interior foam for cushioning (removable)
  • - Pull-down map/ ID pouch