Guerrilla Air Remote - Cobra Coiled

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The Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil Coiled Paintball Remote System is so easy to use!

The Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil Coiled Remote System represents the next stage of paintball remotes. Rather than rely on an o-ring dependent slide check system, the Cobra Coil utilizes a design that stops pressure flow, degasses at the ASA and disconnects the hose from the marker... all with just one push of a button! No more having to remember to lube the o-rings or depressurization from an accidental bump. Guerrilla Air chose only quality materials for the Cobra Coil from the heavy duty hose to the machined aluminum on/ off valve. Quit worrying about your air system and start concentrating on the game.

Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil Coiled Remote System features:
  • - Push button degas/ disconnect... the easiest in the industry to use!
  • - ASA to hose adapter included
  • - Heavy duty coiled hose
  • - Aluminum on/ off valve with knurled knob