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The GoG eXTCy Paintball Marker is tournament proven affordable firepower!

The GoG eXTCy Paintball Marker is the continuation of one of the best selling paintguns of all time, the Smart Parts Ion. The GoG eXtcy puts serious firepower into a player's hands, providing high-end performance for low-end cost. The eXTCy is an ideal choice for beginner or advanced, speedball or woodsball, tournament or scenario!

The heart of the GoG Extcy Paintball gun is its simple spool-valve design. There is only one lightweight moving part inside, meaning the marker has very little 'kick' so you can stay on target, even when ripping out a huge rate of fire. The low pressure operation means the eXTCy is incredibly gentle on paint, letting you shoot fragile tournament-quality paintballs without breaking. Combine that with the wired breakbeam anti-chop eyes and you'll spend more time shooting your opponents and less time cleaning your barrel.

The GoG eXTCy Paintball Marker is easily maintained. The Bolt Out Back (BOB) system and external accessible eye covers lets you perform complete routine maintenance in minutes. The marker comes standard with the legendary Blackheart Board to let the user fine tune marker speed and performance as well as provide options for semi, 3 shot burst, full auto, and PSP modes. A clamping feedneck and on/ off ASA make set up and takedown of the marker quick and easy. It is highly recommended to use HPA (compressed air) with the eXTCy.

GoG eXTCy Paintball Marker features:
  • - .68 caliber
  • - Wired eyes for ultimate anti-chop reliability
  • - Removable covers for easy access to detents and break beam eyes
  • - Aluminum alloy internal main body
  • - Ultra tough composite outer body
  • - Legendary Blackheart Board as standard
  • - Semi auto, full auto, 3 shot burst, PSP, NXL and Adjustable Ramp modes
  • - Break Beam Vision – reliable anit-chop technology
  • - Hammer free electropneumatic operation
  • - Single 9 volt operation
  • - Operates on HPA (highly recommended) or anti-siphoned CO2
  • - 3 Point adjustable trigger for pull length, weight and over travel
  • - Bolt Out Back (BOB) design for simple maintenance
  • - Seal Forward Technology for consistent velocity
  • - Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • - Vertical feed breech
  • - Clamping feedneck
  • - Standard Smart Parts (Ion) barrel thread