First Strike Gun - T8.1 - Black/Black

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Check out the new Tiberius 8.1 Pistols. The Tiberius Arms Pistol sets the standard for paintball pistols to date. You use to have to hold your paintballs and co2 cartridge on top of your paintball pistol making for a bigger target and a bulkier setup. The Tiberius has gotten rid of that idea and puts your paintball clip and your co2 cartridge in the grip without making it to big to fit around your hand comfortably. The trigger is setup very smooth for some fast rates of fire, so don't get carried away unless you have a few backup clips on your person. The Tiberius Arms Pistol is built out of a tough urethane so it can take any beating you throw at it. The people at Tiberius know everyone likes to have a unique gun so the gun is setup to accept upgrades and additional sights and lasers. This gun is a necessity for any paintball player especially the woods ball/ tactical enthusiast. No one wants to be left alone when there primary gun runs out of air or breaks paint… with the Tiberius Arms pistol at your hip you know you'll have that added sense of security.

Here is the pistol that is taking the scenario scene by storm! Rugged construction and hot looks let everyone else at the field know you mean business. The 8 round magazine houses both the paint and the 12gr CO2 cartridge and loads through the grip just like the real thing for fast reloading (the gas is sealed when the magazine is out of the grip so you get several reloads from one charge). This puts the bulk of the weight in the palm of your hand for superior balance. The micro polished barrel combined with the front and rear sights allow for superb accuracy when you need it. The styling is streamlined to allow a smooth draw from a holster. The Tiberius 8 is THE new benchmark for paintball pistols!

  • Trigger Pull Length: 0.40'
  • Trigger Pull Weight: 2 LBS
  • Total Weight: 2.15 LBS
  • Unrivaled Accuracy
  • Exceptional Range (290 FPS)
  • Magazine Fed - Internal Magazine holds a 12 Gram CO2 & 8 standard paintballs
  • A single 12 Gram CO2 powers 3 full magazines worth of balls
  • Real gun action - Magazine feeds right into handle
  • Fully Adjustable Velocity
  • Compact High Performance
  • Made in the USA!