First Strike Compressed Air Tank & Loader Combo - 48/3000 Aluminum Round Bottom Tank & Halo Too Loader

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The Empire Halo TOO Electronic Paintball Loader feeds ultra fast for less!

Take the tournament proven performance of the Halo B loader, throw in the simplicity and affordability of the Reloader 2 and the result is the Empire Halo TOO Electronic Paintball Loader. Sound activation turns the motor on with each shot so say good bye to dirty or misaligned eye sensors and crimped wires. The Freeway Anti-Jam keeps the paint flowing to your marker virtually flawless. The Empire Halo TOO Electronic Paintball Loader accepts most Halo and Reloader B upgrades such as speedfeeds and shells.

The Empire Halo Too is literally the most popular loader that the paintball market has ever seen. The feed rate is 20+ balls per second which makes this one of the fastest feeding paintball loaders on the market. The shells are similar to the Empire Prophecy and are made from a matte black plastic. This all new plastic mix will keep your Halo Too from scratching. The composite shell has been tested for over 5 years and has proven to be one of the most durable paintball loader shells on the market.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, you can expect your Empire Halo Too loader to last for at least 5 but closer to 10 days of play for the average paintball player. The low battery indicator is included and will keep you from running out of batteries mid game. If reliability is what your looking for then the freeway anti-jam kit will tickle your fancy. This nifty little internal ramp keeps the Halo Too from Ever Jamming!

Sound activated feeding will keep paintballs fed to your gun. The Halo Too will start feeding as soon as it hears the gun start shooting. This constant flow of paint allows your gun to shoot at maximum speeds.

Empire Halo TOO Electronic Paintball Loader features:
  • - Matte black shell
  • - Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • - 20+ bps
  • - Ultra quiet belt drive
  • - Freeway Anti-Jam for continuous ball feed
  • - Sound activated feeding
  • - 180 ball capacity
  • - Low battery indicator
  • - 1 hour auto shut off.

  • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
  • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
  • - Easy to carry