First Strike .68 Caliber Paintballs - 100 Rounds

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Tiberius Arms First Strike Projectiles are the first true paintball sniper round!

Become a true paintball sniper with the revolutionary Tiberius Arms First Strike rounds. These super accurate rounds combine an aerodynamic shape with a self rifling fin stabilizer to extend the range and enhance the accuracy of each shot. You will experience 50% greater range and tighter groupings downrange. The First Strike round's photodegradable polystyrene shell are less affected by heat and humidity as standard gelatin paintballs. Keep in mind that these rounds will only work with First Strike Paintball Guns or guns that have the appropriate conversion kit.

Tiberius Arms First Strike Rounds features:

  • Aerodynamic shape - 50% greater range and unrivaled accuracy.
  • Fin Stabilized - self rifling provides superior range and accuracy
  • Brittle Polystyrene Shell - Withstands extreme temperatures, moisture, and humidity.
  • Photodegradable - environmentally friendly
  • .68 caliber - compliant with ASTM safety requirements
  • Ultra Thick Fill - superior marking and visibility
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