Empire Remote - Coiled w/ Slide Check

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

The Pure Energy Coiled Remote Hose with Slide Check makes degassing a breeze!

Stop carrying around that bulky air tank with an Empire Pure Energy Coiled Paintball Remote Hose with Slide Check! This paintball remote hose features a simple to use slidecheck valve. Without a slidecheck you need to reach back, turn off the tank, then dryfire the marker to degas the airline before you disconnect from the marker. Sound like a pain in the butt? It is! With the Pure energy slidecheck you simply pull back the valve barrel and POOSH!... the pressure is cut off in the airline and the air from the marker is safely vented so you can detach the marker without hassle. The Pure Energy Coiled Paintball Remote Hose with Slide Check features a tough yet pliable coiled hose that retracts snug to your body yet stretches to nearly 4 feet for ease of movement. An on/ off valve lets you conveniently activate the pressure from your CO2 or compressed air tank.

Pro tip: At the start of each game day put a drop or two of synthetic marker oil on each side of the shaft under the slidecheck barrel. This will lubricate it so it slides freely, making the o-rings within the slidecheck last much longer!
Pure Energy Coiled Paintball Remote Hose with Slide Check features:

  • - Slidecheck valve for hassle-free degassing
  • - Slidecheck uses standard urethane tank o-rings
  • - Quick disconnect fittings and ASA adapter
  • - Coiled stretch airline