Empire Loader - Scion

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Feed paint fast to your marker with the Empire Scion Paintball Loader!

The Empire Scion Paintball Loader takes the classic features of the Halo B and combines them with the super-quick Z2 drive cone. The result is an incredibly fast and compact electronic paintball loader at a price that doesn't kill your bank account. The Empire Scion Paintball Loader features a redesigned shell with a tool free battery door so you no longer need to find that screwdriver to change batteries. The Scion utilizes an Empire Z2-style drive cone that indexes paintballs smoother, channeling them to the feedneck and into your marker smoother and with less 'bingo ball' effect. The Scion retains the classic Rip Drive, a wheel to manually advance or reverse the drive cone. This lets you fill up or empty the feedneck easily during chronographing or safety clearing your marker. The Empire Scion Paintball Loader uses only 4 AA batteries.

Empire Scion Paintball Loader features:
  • - Break beam infrared sensor
  • - Empire Z2-style drive cone tray improves feeding
  • - Self adjusting drive speed saves battery life
  • - 6 adjustable speed settings
  • - Tool free battery door
  • - Integrated Empire Freeway Anti Jam Ramp
  • - Rip Drive for manual forward or reverse of
  • - Uses 4 AA batteries
  • - Compatible with Halo shells and speedfeeds

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  • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
  • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
  • - Easy to carry