Empire Harness - Liquid TW 4+7

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Load up to win with a Empire TW Liquid 4+7 Harness!

The ultimate pack, the Empire Liquid paintball harness system carries your pods in comfort and style with all the innovative features you’ve come to expect from Empire! PVC construction makes these packs ultra-durable and easy to clean even after a day of shooting and getting shot. Lumbar padding helps keep the pack in place during play and elastic bands literally rocket each pod into the wearer’s hand to reduce reload time! Faster players or those playing mid-field can stay light with four pods, while back-men or woodsball players can roll into combat with 11 pods!

Empire TW Liquid 4+7 Harness features:
  • - Patented “hinge” feature allows you to clean or load your own harness without removing it
  • - PVC main construction for increased durability and easier cleaning
  • - Medical grade Velcro for the maximum hold and ultimate durability
  • - Heavy Duty stitching
  • - Hold between 4 and 11 pods
  • - One size fits most