Empire Gun & Mask Package - Mini GS & Dye i4 - Blue/Black

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The Mini GS is Empire's next generation of legendary paintball markers!

Empire had mighty big (Mini) shoes to fill, but their engineering team found a way to improve on the old Mini formula. Built around the already proven Mini engine, the GS features an on/off ASA so you can smoothly remove or change out your tank. Those annoying thread issues are now a thing of the past. Also, the ASA and foregrip attach points have been strengthened and reinforced, to give you added protection and performance.

But the real innovations come from the new foregrip in the Mini GS. Full wrap-around rubber provides extra protection and extreme grip. It also has room for you to drop in a Redline OLED board without switching the foregrip, so you can customize the Mini GS' innards, too. And since the Mini GS can be maintained with only 2 hex keys, cleaning it or swapping out parts is easier than ever.

Improving on the Mini legends of the past was a challenge, but Empire scored a hit with its new Mini GS!

Empire Mini GS features:

  • Poppet engine that's controlled by your pressure, so you decide how quickly you want to fire. For added control, you can choose how your marker fires with different programmed tournament firing modes.
  • The Mini comes standard with anti-chop break-beam eyes, so your paintballs splatter on impact, not inside your gun.
  • The Mini feature a wrap-around foregrip to increase your ability to grip your makrer, and for additional protection from elements. The foregrip also allows Redline™ OLED boards to be dropped in, so you can customize even the guts of this marker. And an air transfer through the grip means you won't have to mess with pesky external hoses.
  • Barrel is made from ported aluminum, micro-honed for a stealthier shot.
  • Features easier cleaning and maintenance, since it requires only a pair of hex wrenches to open all of the marker's screw.