Empire Gloves - Prevail TW Sleeve - Black

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Empire Prevail TW Sleeve Gloves protect your hands with full mobility!

Many players can’t stand the thought of wearing gloves, however, after they slide their hands across rough ground or turf, they’ll sure wish they had some form of protection! With the Empire Prevail Sleeve Paintball Glove, you get the tactile feel of competing without gloves, but still offers protection against rocks, turf, and rough ground while sliding, crawling or diving! Walk the trigger, dive in to cover and still show up to work on Monday without burns, bandages and scabs thanks to the Empire Prevail Sleeve Glove!

Empire Prevail TW Sleeve Glove features:

  • - Silicone printed, Kevlar™ reinforced palm for grip, protection and durability
  • - Open finger design allows high speed firing and gives maximum comfort and coolness.
  • - Velcro™ wrist strap that keeps the glove secure
  • - Extra padding protects the backside of your hand from the impact of paintballs