Empire Electronic Grip Frame - BT-4 Combat Slice (52090)

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Ready to take your Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Slice or Omega marker to new levels of firepower? Ready to start slinging paint back in anger? The Empire Battle Tested Electronic Grip Frame for the Slice and Omega paintball guns. The BT E-Grip changes the mechanical components of the Slice marker's trigger mechanism to electronic activation. The easy access buttons on the back of the E-Grip enables multiple firing modes including semi-auto, adjustable ramping (adding extra shots when rapid firing) and adjustable full-auto. This upgrade is an instant force multiplier! Easily installed with a double trigger, the BT E-Grip will be capable of putting more paint downrange than ever before. Install a BT Rip Clip™ hopper with your E-Grip to bring out your marker's full potential.

Empire Battle Tested Slice/ Combat/ Omega Electronic Gripframe features:
  • - Adjustable Semi Auto, Ramping and Full Auto modes
  • - Aluminum double trigger
  • - Lightweight but rugged composite frame
  • - Fits the BT-4 Slice, Combat and Omega markers