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After several years, Dye has finally released a predecessor to the i4 paintball mask. The brand new Dye i5 goggle system is a true evolution in the paintball industry. New ground breaking features include the GSR Pro-Strap and E.VOKE communication system. The GSR Pro Goggle Strap is the first strap designed to use a gear lock system for the ultimate comfort and fitment. No more needing to stretch out two tabs to adjust your mask strap, simply put the mask on and turn a knob to increase tension.

The e.VOKE is an electronic upgrade that allows your Dye i5 mask and M2 to wirelessly communicate crucial game data into audio alerts. This is great for keeping your focus down range and on your target instead of your marker.

The Dye i5 goggle is also the first paintball mask to feature a Heads Up POV mount. The Heads Up POV Mount is an integrated mount for cameras such as the Go-Pro. Now you can capture your paintball experience on camera from the side of your mask.

Every aspect of this mask has been designed from the ground up. The Scream Multi Directional Venting helps heat escape from the mask to help prevent fogging while allowing sound to travel out of your mask making communicating with teammates effortless. In addition with being able to be heard further and clearer, the i5 also made it easier to listen to teammates while still providing maximum protection for your ears. The Dye i5 Ear guards provide audio clarity without distortion.

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