Dye Gun w/ Free R2 Rotor Loader - M3s - Krypton

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Introducing Dye’s most advanced paintball marker, the Dye M3s. Providing tons of features packed into a newly designed platform to offer the best in comfort, performance and reliability. Dye has taken the award winning platform of the DM series and condensed it into a smaller, more advanced machine. The Dye M3s is built around the all new FL-21 Bolt system, which was designed to meet the demands of players all around the world that want to rely on their marker to perform it’s best no matter what. This new bolt system features dwell independence and breech pressure insensitivity which allows users to shoot even the most fragile paint in the harshest weather conditions.

The FL-21 Bolt operates at an astonishingly low 115psi that gives the M3s an ultra-quiet and smooth shot. Go ahead and rip on the M3s to your heart's content. The Hyper 6s Pro regulator will easily keep up with air flow to keep your gun shooting ropes of paint at your opponent. The ultra-low operating pressure will prevent barrel rise so you can stay on target.

Powering the M3s is the MOS Air Operating System. Features of the MOS Air Operating System include 5 player profiles, 3 training modes, 7 play screen options, extended barrel life, and cable free charging. The MOS Air Operating System offers unlimited customization to every setting of the M3s so users can have the ultimate playing experience. Tune your marker to fit your play style. Changing modes is a breeze with the prism interface which features a 1” full color, OLED screen & 5-axis joystick. A new feature that hasn’t been seen before on Dye guns is the Internal Pressure Sensor. The M3s features an internal pressure sensor that monitors the operating pressure which can be read out on the OLED screen. Other features found on the MOS Air Operating System include Evoke compatibility and freewire connectors. Gone are the wire connections between body and frame; assembly and disassembly has been simplified as well to make it fast and simple to maintain your marker. Colored o-rings make replacing them a snap without needing an o-ring sizing chart just to find out which o-ring needs to be replaced.

As with most Dye paintball guns, the M3s comes standard with a 45 degree UL frame for the best in ergonomics. With all of these features packed into such a small design, Dye was able to produce the M3s weighing in at just under 1lb 10oz!

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