Dye Gun, Mask, Shirt & Hat Package - M3+ & i4

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Dye has raised the bar again in the quest to have the ultimate performance paintball marker. Introducing the all new Dye M3+ paintball marker. The M3+ is performance elevated. If you’ve played paintball before then you are familiar with Dye and the quality and craftsmanship that is poured into every gun produced. They have some of the strictest quality control in the business and truly take pride in every product that they put out to the public. There’s no exception when talking about the M3+ paintball marker. New features include a Slide Lock Airport ASA, Updated FL-21 Bolt, Flex Face Bolt Tip, 4th Gen Eye Pipes, Billy Wing Solenoid Housing, Billy Wing Mag-Reach Trigger, and UL-S 2-Piece Barrel.

Starting with the engine of the M3+ is the refined FL-21 Bolt. The FL-21 bolt includes a Flex Face Bolt Tip that is designed to work in all conditions. Nothing is more frustrating than breaking paint in your marker simply because of weather conditions. With the M3+ that will no longer be an issue! The FL-21 bolt has proven itself to be extremely efficient and smooth with an operating pressure of about 115 psi.

The M3+ debuts the Slide Lock AirPort known as the SLAP ASA. The SLAP ASA is designed to be dependable, easy to operate and sleek. This design gets rid of traditional knobs or buttons that On/Off ASA’s would typically use to engage or disengage the tank. With the M3+ and the SLAP ASA, simply press and slide the lock cover back and the air will engage.

The brain of the M3+ paintball gun is the MOSair operating system. The MOSair OS features a large OLED screen that is easy to read and displays everything you need to know about your marker. One of the most advanced features about the M3+ is the Internal Pressure Sensor. Now you can see what the operating pressure is of your paintball marker simply by looking at the OLED screen.

The UL 45 frame is a traditional component found on Dye guns and for good reason. The UL 45 frame features an hour glass shape that is ergonomic and comfortable.

The Dye UL-S 2-piece barrel system is superior in accuracy compared to the competition. The all new UL-S barrel back is longer and lighter than the standard UL barrel back. The longer barrel back gives you more control and accuracy. Complimented with the UL-S barrel front that features precision honing and progressive porting for an ultra-quiet sound signature, the Dye M3+ paintball marker will have you shooting with ball on ball accuracy.

Marker Type - Electronic (Electropneumatic) Caliber - .68 Operation - Spool-Valve Operating Pressure - CO2 or HPA - HPA Only Eyes? Yes Hose-Less? Yes Tool-Less Bolt? Yes Barrel Thread - Autococker Barrel Length - 14" Bore Size - Feedneck Thread - Weight - Marker Length - BPS - 25+