Dye Gun - DM15

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Dye never fails to impress. With the debut of the new DM15, Dye has integrated more great and classic body updates that have come to make the DM series markers some of the best looking paintball guns on the field. After delivering the DM14 to the market, Dye has made some great operational changes to their latest design. With a slimmed down inline regulator, the DM15 has a much more comfortable feel. Dye has also include the renown Billy Wing bolt in every DM15. This bolt system has spoken for its self for many years, and is now a stock item. The new integrated feed neck design, making the feed neck a part of the gun itself but style removable. Dye has always been a leader when it comes to bringing out fresh new colors. One thing you may not have know is that Dye uses a Proprietary Graphic Anodizing and they are the only ones in the industry doing so. What does that even mean? Well Proprietary Graphic Anodizing is a true anodizing on the body. Its not a design that's been printed on, meaning you wont have to worry about ware or marks to the designs on styles such as the PGA.