Dye e.VOKE Upgrade Kit - I5

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The Dye E.VOKE is a drop in upgrade kit for your Dye i5 mask. The Dye E.VOKE is compatible with all Dye I5 paintball masks and must be used with a Dye M2 with MOSAir technology. The Dye E.VOKE and MOSAir communicate via wireless technology to provide sound alerts to the user.

Features of the Dye E.VOKE Upgrade kit include Game Timer Alerts, Shot Tracker, G-Count Tracker, Service Alerts, and Training Mode Assistant.

Game Timer Alerts keep your head up and focused on your game from sound alerts instead of needing to look around. Keeping your eyes on the target the entire time gives you a tactical advantage over your opponent.

Shot Tracker is a simple yet necessary alert. The Shot Tracker keeps track of how many paintballs have been fired and will alert you when the hopper is low that way you can plan when it is best to reload instead of getting caught off guard in the middle of a fire fight.

G-Count Tracker is designed to keep track of how many players are left on the field. Simply tap a button after eliminating an opponent and the G-Count Tracker will let you know how many opponents are left standing!

Service Alerts keep you in the game at top shape. Never enter a match with a dying battery again! The Dye E.VOKE will tell you when your battery on your Dye M2 is running low or when you need to service the gun. Making sure you are ready and prepared for the match is one of the most important aspects of the game.