DLX Gun - Luxe Ice Special Edition

(You save $425.00 )
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In speaking with the project lead for the new DLX Technology Luxe Ice paintball gun we believe this will be one of the best shooting and highest quality paintball guns to ever hit the field. Their main priority was to make the user experience even better than before. One of the areas they focused on was the newly designed bolt system which increased air efficiency by more than 20 percent.
Outside of the industry technology on the internals of the gun make for less maintenance than ever before while reducing the operating pressure by 40 psi. All of these changes were made without sacrificing shot quality that the Luxe already has
The Luxe regulator works great to begin with so they focused on simplifying the design and reduced the part count. This makes disassembly much easier and allows full disassembly with just one allen wrench. No need for special clips or picks to take this bad boy apart. On top of that, the improved ergonomics have this ASA looking on point.
When it comes to the electronics group for the Luxe, there was already a great package in place. The Gun speaks in 5 different languages, has an OLED screen for visual feedback. The DLX LUXE Ice, has been updated for easier disassembly and maintenance without sacrificing reliability.
As for the ASA, there has been a ton of feedback. The main design goal was to improve the ergonomics so the ASA isn't even noticeable when holding the gun with a really low hand position. The mechanics of the ASA have also been updated and is now extremely simple to operate. The ASA now works with any tank valve on the market including the bottles with extra tough pin valves.