Dangerous Power Gun - M3-A1 - Black

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The Dangerous Power M3-A1 Paintball Marker was engineered for high tech performance on the scenario field. The DP M3-A1 takes milsim look and feel to a whole new level.

The Dangerous Power M3A1 paintball gun is built with an all aluminum body for incredible durability and strength. The mock magazine double for the battery bay and the grip frame incorporates an internal air line system for hose-free pressure delivery. A barrel shroud with adjustable front/ rear sights and 7/8" tactical rail strives to give the user that "real steel feel".

Dangerous Power's Dual-Core Intergrated System combines the two most valuable operating components into one system - improving High performance in their patented Dump-Valve design as well as long-lasting performance. The Dangerous Power M3-A1 contains a newly constructed OPR system designed to handle and regulate high and low pressure sources. The internals are constructed with few parts and only six O-rings for simplicity.

The single trigger is fully adjustable as is the collapsible stock. To preserve the milsim look and feel an offset clamping feedneck keeps your hopper off to the right for an unobstructed view over the top of the marker.

  • - Aluminum machined body
  • - 170 psi spool valve operation
  • - Adjustable sights
  • - Top, side and bottom forward 7/8" tactical rails
  • - Offset clamping feedneck
  • - Internal airlines, no external hoses to snag
  • - Collapsible stock
  • - 5.84 lbs with battery